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Unleash your business's potential with a strategic advisor committed to creating social impact.

As a leading consultant in the social impact space, I specialize in guiding innovative businesses through the dynamic market. My expertise in business development, coaching, and social enterprise enables me to unlock growth opportunities, forge lasting partnerships, and evaluate companies for potential investments.

Staying ahead in technology and business trends, I am dedicated to discovering financially sustainable opportunities for my clients. My proven success in leading teams through the entire project lifecycle fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment that emphasizes employee engagement and exceptional performance.


I am devoted to assisting businesses in building trust, adapting to change, and thriving with socially responsible and sustainable practices. My commitment lies in supporting social enterprises to create a lasting impact in their communities and beyond. Let's collaborate to accomplish your business objectives and ignite social change.

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Business Path refers to a company's strategic direction to achieve its business goals and objectives. It involves the decisions a company makes about its operations, marketing, and finances to ensure its sustainability and growth. Here are some key components of a business path we can help with: 

My Journey

Over the last 15 years, I have dedicated my career to the non-profit sector, primarily in management and fund development. My fundraising expertise spans diverse sectors such as education, health, housing, immigration, youth, and other priority populations. Driven by my passion for social impact, I pursued an MBA focusing on social enterprise. I was convinced businesses can effectively create change and work with priority populations while remaining self-sustaining.

During my MBA, I established Business Path, a consultancy empowering small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to develop successful business plans and obtain grants. My work at Business Path has helped numerous entrepreneurs across various industries secure business loans and IRAP grants.

In March 2021, I took on the role of Director of Business Development & Partnerships at Technology Helps, a full-time contract position in Calgary. I helped the team secure $1 million in annual recurring revenue and multiple new subscriptions during my tenure. My expertise in capacity building, technology adoption and integration, strategic partnerships, and nonprofit technology capacity building enabled me to contribute significantly. I have a strong background in business strategy, marketing, pricing strategy, community connections, and business development. My experience spans supply chain management, project management, business planning, and proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and customer service. With a passion for building community and trust, I successfully created multiple strategic partnerships and drove sales.

Since May 2022, I have been a Startup Advisor at Platform Calgary, a full-time contract position in Calgary. In this role, I support entrepreneurs navigating the startup and innovation community, helping them access resources and support. I facilitate programming and coach participants, building the skills of entrepreneurs while connecting them with community partners. As a representative of the Platform team and mission, I actively support events and activities around the city, welcoming new entrepreneurs and members to the startup and innovation community. My customer-focused approach, strong communication skills, and passion for supporting the growth of startups and entrepreneurs are evident in my work. My business development, coaching, and advisory services background has been invaluable in this role.

As a business development manager for a small social enterprise tech firm in Calgary and now as a full-time Advisor for tech entrepreneurs at Platform Calgary, I leverage my expertise and experience to support my clients. Complementing my professional background, I hold certificates in Project Management and UNESCO's Future's Literacy Lab. If you want to learn more about my experience, please feel free to connect.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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