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Social Venture Solutions

Empowering Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs 

Discover the innovative strategies to drive your socially-conscious business forward with Business Path.

Forge Your Path to Social Impact

Business Path specializes in empowering under-represented founders to create impactful solutions for their communities. With our experienced consultants, we guide social impact startups to sustainable success while making a lasting difference in the world.

Unlock Your Business's Potential with Our Proven Roadmap for Success

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Tailored Services for Your Social Impact Business

Business Path is proud to be listed on Namada - the premier directory for socially-conscious businesses. Develop your sustainable business model with us today!

AI-Powered Growth: Harnessing AI for Your Business Success

What Our Clients Say About Us

​“Seldom do you find someone genuinely caring, curious and willing to go above and beyond to ensure the job gets done!
During the summer of 2019, Mina expertly filled the role of grant-writer to help secure funding for a challenging community centre renovation project for my church. With enthusiasm and expertise, Mina simplified the project and helped us secure significant funding for a building renovation project. Mina effectively interviewed multiple stakeholders to ensure full knowledge of the project and provided critical recommendations to position the grant request for the best possible outcome.
Without a doubt, Mina came to our community at the right time and helped secure funding for our community development project. Any organization would be lucky to have Mina help the development of their business or non-profit. I highly recommend Mina for your next project.”

Maron Mekonnen

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